Womb Yoga Sessions

Shakti Yoga and Womb Reiki Workshop

This incredible workshop is a love child between magical yoga teacher Jane cradick and Womb Reiki Master and healer Trudi Holden. These circles create a safe space to move, breathe, connect and embody like never before. 


Yoga & Womb Reiki Workshop

2 Hours | £30- Friday 28th July, 18:00 – 20:00    

Miners and Mechanics Institute, St Agnes 

Are you ready to unlock the power of shakti yoga and womb reiki? Our 2-hour womb yoga sessions are calling you.

During this awakening workshop, you will be guided through slow, sensual shakti yoga and unlock the healing of womb reiki.

This 2 hour workshop is suitable for any Womb-an of any menstrual or life cycle, and can be adapted for pregnancy (just get on touch!). 

Beltane Energies

This workshop is an initiation into the energy of Beltane, the ancient festival celebrated on May 1st, is a time for renewal and transformation. This magical time marks the transition from spring to summer, and it’s a time when the earth is bursting with life and vitality.

Beltane is about unleashing sexual energy and awakening the womb power within us all. It’s a time to honor and celebrate the divine feminine within ourselves and the world around us.

By connecting with the energy of Beltane, we can tap into our own inner strength and power, and embrace a sense of empowerment and positivity.

Beltane ignites a powerful flame within us, urging us to shed our old skin and embrace a time of transformation and renewal.

What is Womb Reiki?

Womb Reiki is a powerful and transformative healing technique that involves gentle touch and energy work around the abdomen and pelvic area.

This specialised form of Reiki is designed to specifically target and release any blockages, traumas, or energetic imbalances stemming from the womb, such as past sexual trauma, reproductive health issues, or difficulty conceiving.

Womb Reiki empowers women to connect with their divine feminine energy and tap into their intuition, inner wisdom, and creative potential.


By invoking the healing power of the universe and channeling it through the hands of a skilled practitioner, Womb Reiki can help women to experience deep healing, emotional release, and a sense of rebirth and renewal.

Whether you are looking to improve your physical health, emotional wellbeing, or spiritual connection, Womb Reiki can be a profound and nurturing tool for self-discovery and transformation.