Wild Womb Reiki

Crystals, Energy & Sacred Sounds

Join me, in person or online, for a unique experience as we welcome the infinite healing power of Reiki into the creative chalice of the womb. This signature treatment has been created to release, awaken and shift energies in the body.

Great for:

Wild Womb Reiki

In-person: 60 minutes  | £50. Online: 60 mins |£35

This is my signature treatment created combining years of experience as a Usui Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master and Womb Healer. 

Take a deeply relaxing journey inward as we create a tailored treatment combining Womb Reiki, sound, crystal grids, Shamanic Journeys and cord-cutting practices. 

Womb Reiki is also available as an online immersion.


Also available as part of the Wild Womb Packages.

When to book

Book during any phase of your cycle. 

Womb Reiki is also suitable for all stages of pregnancy

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