Womb Reiki Practitioner Chat: Talking Power, Love, Wisdom & Heartache

womb reiki practioner training

This month I chatted to amazing Womb Reiki practitioner Jenny about her womb journey, holding space and the magic of the womb portal.

Jenny completed my Womb Reiki Practitioner Trainer to complement the amazing work she was already doing with womb healing in Wales.

“Hi I’m Jenny and I’m a women’s healer based in rural South Wales. I’ve been doing women’s work for nearly ten years as a pregnancy yoga teacher, birth doula, placenta remedies specialist and so much more.

My son’s birth was a huge awakening that put me on to this path and four years later I freebirthed my daughter, which initiated me into my true power.

These days I work as a blessing witch which is an old name for the kind of work that I do with pregnancy and birth, herbalism and energy healing.”

womb reiki practioner training

Being a Womb Reiki Practitioner

I had previously trained as a reiki healer but had not offered it as a service and when I saw the Womb Reiki Practitioner Trainer course I knew that it was meant for me.

The technique I use most with women is the heart-womb river, where we send our heart’s desires down to the womb and receive her wisdom and guidance back up to the heart.

I also sing a lot in my work and use the drum to open up the throat, as where there is a womb blockage there is often a throat one!

The way I work as an energy healer is somatically, so during the session I often have similar sensations to my client in my own body as things are cleared or expanded.

womb reiki practitioner chat

A client recently said what she was hoping to get from the session was to experience her body from the bottom up instead of the top down, so acknowledging the primal power and wisdom of the womb over the modern rational intellect.

Women often already know what it is they need and I am honoured to be the channel for their healing.

For me, the heart of what I do is being a channel and embodiment for the unconditional love of the cosmic womb. In the presence of that energy, women feel safe enough to access their own innate capacity for healing.

I also run the Bloodflower Map where I add locations women are returning their menstrual blood to the earth for personal and collective healing. With the map you can see the web of life we are weaving together.

“My womb healing journey began after experiencing sexual abuse within a romantic relationship and wanting to clear those energies from my womb and from all previous disempowering encounters. Well, I was completely stunned by my first journey into my womb and what she had to say!

I can still vividly recall what it felt like to meet that much raw power and honesty. To see what my womb was holding was a revelation.

After working with my own womb, I began to teach what I’d learned to women, offering shamanic womb clearing, cyclical living guidance and feminine initiation healing.

I am now deepening my womb path as after two easy conceptions I have not been able to conceive a third baby, except for one miscarriage. I meet a lot of women through my work who are also hoping to conceive a baby, a desire that is leading them to the womb.”

Jenny xxx

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