Womb Rebirthing Journey

Shamanic Womb Healing Journey

Be reborn through the womb portal and untie cords which no longer serve.

In this very special evening you are invited to journey back through time and space, to recover the aspects of yourself fragmented by trauma and wounds.

Womb Rebirthing Journey​

2 hours  | £33 6:30pm – 8:30pm 

Thursday 20th June – Mount Hawke WI

We all carry wounds from our experiences from our own birth, growing up as children, and even in the DNA we carry through our bloodline.

Energies, entities and limiting beliefs weave their way into our lives unknowingly, changing the way we access our unique gifts and shine our light in the world.

Through this deep shamanic womb journey, we can unravel these ties and return to the womb to energetically be reborn back into our soul purpose.

This healing evening includes:

  • Ceremony, Ritual & Rebirthing journey
  • Exploration of astral travel
  • Priestess Womb Healing