Womb Healing

Re-discover the portal to your womb wisdom

Our bodies hold the wisdom, gifts, memories & traumas of our past, present & ancestral lives. Emotional & energetic blockages manifest as physical dis-ease, including PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Infertility, PMDD, and sexual disconnect to name just a few. 

Wild Samsara Womb Healing is more than Womb Massage. Together we take a spiritual journey into the source of your inner wisdom & feminine power. We unearth the roots of physical & emotional patterns; creating space to explore & ultimately heal this magical portal of cosmic energy. 

All Womb Healing Can Help:

Embodied Womb Massage

First appointment 90 minutes | £70          then 60 minutes | £45 

This beautifully restorative, powerful and non-invasive massage focuses on the abdomen, pelvis and lower back to improve circulation to the reproductive areas, and bring balance back into your body’s energy centre – your Hara. Includes:

  • Sacral release & energy healing
  • Ampuku Womb massage
  • Womb Meditation
  • FREE aromatherapy hot herbal towels & crystal healing upgrade

Yoni Steaming

45 minutes | £30

This ancient practice of sitting over a bowl of gently steaming organic herbs to cleanse your yoni (vagina) can have a transformative effect on your self-care.

It has been known to support painful, irregular and emotionally traumatic bleeds and may help regulate my flow, reduce growths – such as fibroids and cysts – and detoxify the womb from physical and emotional trauma. Includes:

  • Tailored blend
  • Choice of guided meditation or private session with recording
  • Blend to take home

You will leave feeling rested, renewed and connected to your sacred your body.

FIRE: Womb Healing Journey

2 hrs | £95

Perfect for: healing past wounds, releasing trauma, reawakening sexual energy, re-connecting to your womb & soothing gynaecological problems

Take a journey of healing and re-connection in this powerful, nurturing ritual combining meditation, massage, meditative journeying, sound healing and plant medicine. Each session begins with a consultation and is tailored specifically for your intentions.

Please note: I recommend allowing 1-2hrs post session to relax and reflect as these sessions can be transformative and confronting. 

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If you’re experiencing missing, prolonged, irregular or painful bleeds let’s talk. I offer 45 minute online consultations and healing sessions to support you to reconnect to your natural cycle.