Wild Woman Circles

Wild Woman Circle: Reconnect to your Power ​

Since the beginning of time our ancestors have come together in circle to meditate, pray, sing, share and bleed in a safe space of woman. A wild woman circle creates a sacred, trusting place for you to explore your inner world, process experiences and be heard in a way often forgotten in our busy modern lives. 

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Wisdom Weavers -
Monthly Women's Circle

1.5hrs | Mount Hawke WI – £11 

2nd Thursday of the month (see dates below)

Are you yearning for a sacred space to uncoil, create, meditate, and journey into the spiritual heart of the feminine? 

Under the gentle guidance of Trudi, we gather in circle to honour the divine feminine energy that pulses within us all. Whether you’re new to this sacred journey or have been walking this path for a while, Wisdom Weavers offers a nurturing grove where women can grow together.

This is a drop in circle open to anyone wanting to take time out, learn new skills and connect to the divine feminine, Goddess and Mother Earth. 

Next Circle: Thursday 14th March 2024 7-8:30pm

Why Sit in Circle?

Through these sacred gatherings, we empower one another, weaving wisdom and strength into the fabric of our lives, just as our ancestors did.

By sitting together in circle, we can connect deeply with Mother Earth and her rhythms through monthly practices which work with natures changes.

We will embrace our creative energies through mindful crafting – learning and sharing new skills in a playful and relaxed environment. 

Through the trusting bonds we create, we share wisdom and experiences in a safe, supportive space; in turn strengthing our connection to ourselves and others. 

Woodland Locations in Cornwall

What to expect at a wild woman circle

Each circle we share, learn, connect and reflect through ritual and meditation – as well as unearthing our inner womb wisdom for deeper spiritual guidance.

Our Wild Woman circle in an open space for any woman from all walks of life, and is a safe place to turn out however you are feeling that day. 

There is never any obligation to speak if you are feeling more reflective, though you are equally welcome to speak your truth, read poetry and drum if you are feeling expressive.