Earth Womb Consciousness Shamanic Immersion

Shamanic Certificate in Ancient Cornwall

Is your heart calling you to connect with Earth and divine feminine consciousness in a deeper, more experiential way?

Maybe you feel called to work with plants, animals or the elements and learn the crafts, songs, and practices that honour the cycles of life.

Or are you ready to understand your interwoven connection with your inner cycle and the cycles of the natural world?

Follow nature’s spirals and learn how to follow the path of our neolithic ancestors in the shamanic way of the womb in this deep dive into Earth consciousness on the beautiful land of Coskewis.

We rise and descend; we ebb and flow with nature’s death and rebirth cycle as we honour our ancestors and our own role in Earth consciousness. Womb Earth Consciousness.

Earth is our mother, our provider, and we are a hologram of her being. Our own body is a mirror of her.

Each 3hr Immersion Includes:

Earth Womb Consciousness Shamanic Immersion


Applications CLOSED for 2024. Opening again in the Autumn for 2025 dates. 

WHERE? Coskewis Kus Skewes, Helston TR13 0AU

Join this deep immersion with Mother Earth as a living breathing mirror of our own human experience.

Activating ourselves and the sacred land of Coskewis, as we meet throughout the year to heal, awaken and remember the power of our womb and the womb of Earth.

Through this shamanic womb Earth pilgrimage, we take a deep journey on sacred land to meet Mother Earth like never before.

Certificate of attendance awarded on completion. PDF manuals are given after each ceremony. NOTE: This is a feminine immersion of self-discovery, NOT practitioner training. 

What You Will Explore

Ancient Cornish Land Activation

The great mother of creation is calling us home. Not simply to protect, connect and revere her, but as a remembrance to the fact that we ARE nature.

We are divine light beings, and physical manifestations of the Cosmic and Earth energies.

When we remember our own divinity, and deeply interwoven connection with the land, we have the power to send ripples of healing and transformation throughout the world.

Coskewis is an ancient and magical wilderness for the mind, body and soul, and a wildlife haven to help you tune in with nature and reconnect with yourself and all that is beautiful in life.

The off-grid retreat helps you find a deeper connection with nature and the natural flow of the universe. The land of peaceful, star-studded seclusion, ancient magic and birdsong is calling you. 


2024 Ceremony Dates

 See full dates below, all workshops run 10am – 1pm. PDF manuals emailed after each session. 

Sunday 4th February – Imbolc

Sunday 17th March – Spring Equinox

Sunday 5th May – Beltane

Sunday 23rd June – Summer Solstice,

Sunday 4th August  – Lughnasadh

Sunday 22nd September – Autumn Equinox

Sunday 27th October – Samhain

Sunday 15th Dec – Winter Solstice