The Science of Reiki

Science & Magic Online Reiki Course

Ever wondered how Chakras really work? Or perhaps you’re craving the science behind sound, vibration and light? 

In this fun and informative Science of Reiki training course we delve into everything from sound healing and ancient wisdom to quantum physics and bio-somatics. 

Prepare for your mind to be awakened!

You Will Learn:

The Science of Reiki Course

Online self-study, Instant access  | £88

This short beginners Energy healing course is a easy to follow dive into the Science of Reiki, designed for ANYONE interested in how Reiki works. 

Through a series of short, digestible videos and PDF downloads you’ll be taken high into the universe to learn the magic and science of energy. 

This Reiki course is a great addition to your existing Reiki practice or as a introduction to anyone wanting to learn more. 

Sign up today and learn the science of energy healing to add wisdom to your magic. 


The Course Includes:

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How Does Reiki Work?

I get asked about how Reiki works all the time.

Our logical, analytical brains love to know the why and how before we can ‘believe’.

Though my years of giving and teaching Reiki have shown me that you have to feel it to understand, as a Virgo rising I know a bit of science helps. 

In this course we will explore how Reiki works on a vibrational, quantum, biological and emotional level with tangible facts, studies and real life scientists to back it up. 

By the end you’ll know exact how Reiki works to heal and you’ll be hooked!

Who Is This Reiki Course For?

The Science of Reiki course if for anyone wanting to learn more about how Reiki works on a fundarmental level. 

You don’t need to be a practitioner, or even have studied to Reiki to join this short course. 

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