Sounds of the womb

Voice Womb Activation Workshop

Take a journey into the science, sound and deep womb expression.  Learn the practices, movement and theory to unlock your own voice, and receive awakening sounds of the womb to heal your body. 


sounds of the womb

Sounds of the Womb – Voice Womb activation Course

£88  – Online self-study course 

From the moment our bodies form as a tiny embryo, our throat and womb are connected.

Our facia, nervous system and energetic bodies all weave an intricate web between these two vital power points of our body, with imbalance in one affecting the other.

Join this self study online course – Sounds of the Womb – with Trudi & ceremonial singer Holly Coles and learn to free your energy channels and wild feminine expression through vocal toning, chanting, meditation, and movement.  

This training is for you if you want to:

  • Relieve Menstrual disfunctions, TMJ pain or frequent Throat infections
  • Gain confidence to speak your truth
  • Clear your energy channels
  • Connect to your womb and unlock its power
  • Learn practices to unleash your shakti
  • Tap into your unique vocal expression

About Holly Coles - Sound Facilitator, Ceremonial Singer and Intuitive Vocalist

Hollys calling, true passion and soul’s work is sharing the incredible benefits of music and sound through devotional song and sound offerings. Her journey with the voice is rooted in her musical background and work as a professional singer. Being deeply inspired by the natural world, folklore and ancient mysteries. 

Hollys connection to her own spirituality has led her down the path of sharing the magic of music and sound and holding space for those who wish to connect with themselves through ritual, ceremony and inner journeying.