Shamanic Virginity Ceremony

Reclaim Sexual Sovereignty

Was your first time uncomfortable, painful or rooted in shame?

Many of our first sexual encounters were not in our full power and sovereignty. Our maiden energy of sex can be rooted in fear, shame and willingness to please others.

When we think of Virginity, we think of our first sexual experience. But there is more to this powerful initiation.

Regardless of age and sexual history, at any time, we can return to the sovereignty and sexual freedom that true Virginity represents.

Shamanic Virginity Ceremony

3 hours  | £33

Venue and Dates TBC

This ceremony is open to any womban ready to bring love and healing to the sacred portal of her womb, clear energy from previous sexual encounters and return power and sovereignty to the golden path of her yoni. 

The gentle healing ceremony includes:

  • Shamanic Recapitulation practices Fire ritual
  • Evoking Goddesses of Virginity
  • Shamanic journey to recover virginity
  • Priestess Womb Blessing
  • Munay Ki 13th Womb rite.

What We Mean by Virgin

Many linguists agree that the etymology of the word Virgin has been dramatically changed over time.

“Virgin” originated from the Greek and Latin word “virgo,” or maiden. Greek mythology often used it to classify several goddesses, such as Artemis (also known as Diana) and Hestia.

Virginity and virgin were once terms of power, strength and independence, used to describe the goddesses who were immune to the temptations of Dionysus, Greek god of seduction and wine.

A womben could be a virgin regardless of her sexual experience. She was simply independent in her power and owned her own body and pleasure.