Reiki Master Training

1-1 Reiki Master Energy Healing Course

Get ready to ‘become’ Reiki. Known as the Mytery Teachings, this Reiki Master Course is a personal discovery of your unique gifts as we explore the magical spiritual realms or energy healing. 

Reiki Master Training Includes:

your master teacher will help you at every reiki level toward relaxation

Reiki Master Training

1 day intensive 10am – 5pm  | £333

In person and online Reiki Master Training available

This Reiki Master training is for the seasoned energy worker who is ready to take a deep dive into the mystery teachings. Whether you seek to be a Reiki teacher yourself, or simply want to deepen your own spiritual practice, Wild Samsara’s Reiki Master training will gently and mindfully take you on a journey inward to learn the secrets of the universe. 


Reiki Master Requirements

Please note: You must have completed a Level 2 training course and have been practicing Reiki for a minimum of 2 years to complete the Master training. If you have not training with me I will need to see a copy of both certificates. 

Reiki Level 1 Training

Learn the basics of energy healing in this Comprehensive Reiki 1 Course. 

Reiki Level 2 Training

Train to be a Reiki Practitioner and explore the sacred Reiki symbols. 

Reiki Master Training

Commit to become Reiki in this 1-1 Reiki Master Training Course. 

Reiki Master Teacher

Taking the plunge to explore the Reiki Master teachings is a very special moment. Not only are you taking the commitment to continue your relationship with Reiki as a deep personal journey, you are also learning how to be a Reiki Teacher and pass on the gift to others. 

My Reiki Master course guides you through advanced energy practices to Manifest, Heal, Protect and Create Harmony for yourself, as well as how to train, attune and support other Reiki practitioners. 


“I have just completed my Reiki Masters with Trudi – it was such an incredible experience.

She holds the most powerful space for me to learn. Her deep knowledge, experience, understanding and passion she has for energy healing and teaching is infectious. I travelled my whole Reiki journey with Trudi as my master and i couldn’t be happier.

She’s added so much depth and substance to the curriculum which has enabled me to really absorb all the info as well as the practices and the true essence of reiki. And create a thriving business of my own.

Speaking with friends who have trained with other masters and hearing them describe their training I know I picked the right one for me – they often ask ‘oh, you covered that too? We didn’t do any of that- I wish we had’ they often tell me that they aren’t really sure what to do with their reiki now whereas I know exactly where I’m going and how to practise – this is down to Trudi’s guidance.

If you’re hearing the call to reiki, answer it with Wild Samsara, you won’t regret it! Thank you for EVERYTHING Trudi”

Lou Ord, Loulabel Wellness