Ocean Jasper Palm Stone 2


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A Reiki Master and crystal healer cleanse and charges each crystal, and smaller pieces come in a small velvet pouch.

Ocean Jasper, also known as Orbicular Jasper or Cellular Jasper, is a very rare variety of Jasper, and a member of the Quartz family.

Ocean Jasper activates and aligns the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. This highly energetic channel allows one the ability to combine their will with their emotions, pushing one to achieve joy, happiness and emotional stability.


Use to:

  • Release weight or strains you may carry on your heart,
  • Help you “go with the flow”
  • Find resolution with their emotions, relationships, and most importantly, yourself.
  • Serve as a talisman one uses to help break down the barriers in highly-valued relationships


Please note: some crystals are one off pieces and may have natural crevices/holes made by nature.

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 5.5 cm


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