Indian Moonstone Tumble Stones (Varied)


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Each crystal is cleansed and charged by me – a Reiki master and crystal healer.


Ahh beautiful Moonstone, the Goddess of the crystals.


These shimmering, Earthly tumblestones bring a sensual, feminine energy and mystique. In many cultures, for example in India, it is regarded as a holy, magical gemstone.


In India, moonstones are also regarded as ‘dream stones’ which bring the wearer beautiful visions at night.


Use for:

  • As a symbol of fertility.
  • Awakening feminine energy
  • Intuition and dream states
  • Meditation
  • Strengthen connection to cosmos
  • Evoke pure joy and love



Please note: some crystals are one off pieces and may have natural crevices/holes made by nature.


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