DOWNLOAD: Releasing The Witches Wound Ritual & Meditation


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The time has come, sister: to awaken your memories of the burning times.
Trauma of the burning times is imprinted in our DNA, and our body remembers the wounds of these memories.The witch’s wound manifests as fear, jealousy, anger, disassociation and disempowerment, all preventing us from allowing our gifts to shine.
In this recorded witches wound ritual and meditation, we explore sisterhood wounds and our own fears of stepping into our gifts as we release ourselves from our ancestor’s experience of pain and oppression.

Are you ready to once and for all release the wounds of the witches, and step into your gifts as the wise one that you are? To heal our ancestors one womb at a time.

Join women around the world in this witches wound ritual as we build strong sisterhood bonds, heal our bodies and step into our power as wise witches!


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