Online Womb Healing Consultations

Rebalance Your Menstrual Cycle Naturally

Our menstrual cycle holds the wisdom of our health. The colour, consistency, regularity and emotional symptoms of our bleed are signals of underlying di-ease and imbalance. 

I have worked with hundreds of women to learn the language of their bleeds and take a natural approach to bring harmony back to their wombs. 

Period Repair Can Help:

Online Womb Healing Consultation

45 minutes via Zoom  | £30

If you are experiencing troublesome bleeds or would love to simply learn the language of your cycle to empower your health journey, let’s talk. 

These 45 minute sessions are tailored to your womb journey, as we delve in to your physical and emotional symptoms, and guide you through spiritual healing, practical advice and natural remedies for you. 

The first session includes a full consultation,