Moontime Massage

Enter the Moon Temple

Your menstruation is a beautiful moment in your cycle to drop into your womb wisdom and bring forth deep cosmic truths. 

Let me guide you into your cave for rest, guidance and soft holding. 

Great for:

Moontime Menstrual Massage

60 minutes  | £60

Melt into a candlelit Moontime Temple and honour your bleed for all its sacred blood mysteries. 

This nurturing massage is designed for your comfort and relaxation, combining balancing Aromatherapy, soothing massage techniques (completely guided by your body) and a seasonal gift to enjoy in your temple. 

Also available as part of the Wild Womb Packages.

When to book

Book during the Luteal or Menstruation phase of your cycle. 

Not bleeding? Be led by when your body is vibrant and experiences the MOST tenderness.