Menopause Magic

Natural Womb Therapy for Peri-Menopause

I honour your wisdom, power and gifts sister. I invite you into the Wild Sanctuary to experience a nurturing temple space created to soothe, enliven and hold you through your transition through peri-menopause. 

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Menopause Magic

90 minutes  | £75

The transition from Mother/Lover to Crone can feel unsettling as your physical and emotional changes arise in waves. 

Regain control whilst surrendering into the feminine flow of your womb wisdom with this nurturing, balancing and reaffirming massage for menopause. 

Includes: cooling Herbal Tea Infusion, Adrenal and Liver supporting Herbal Compress Massage, Cooling aromatherapy facial massage and Hecate Goddess Healing. 

Also available as part of the Wild Womb Packages.

When to book

Book during any phase of your cycle even when your bleedings is unpredictable. 

Not bleeding? Be led by when your body feels most unbalanced.