Womb Plant Wisdom: Mugwort and the Crone

mugwort womb mythology

All hail Mugwort, the crystal ball of the plant world who can guide us to our deepest womb gnosis with clarity and love. The wise woman of the hedgerow, you can’t get much witchier than Mugwort.

Read how Womb priestesses use Mugwort in ritual, and download my free meditation to meet Mugwort and the crone.

mugwort and the crone

The Power of the Priestess

Womb oracles and womb priestesses of past and present have called on the magical properties of Mugwort to access the spiritual realms of the womb for healing and transformation.

Mugwort can be used tin ritual and remedies to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight, making it an ideal tool for womb oracles and womb priestesses.

By observing and foraging for mugwort locally we each have the power to use this plant in rituals, ceremonies, and practices to deepen our connection to the divine feminine and the spiritual energy of the womb.

Some common ways in which womb oracles and womb priestesses use mugwort include burning it as an incense, brewing it as a tea, and smudging it for purification.

We also use mugwort in yoni steaming, ritual baths, and dream work to connect with the plant’s healing properties and enhance their spiritual practice.

Mugwort is a powerful ally for those working with the energy of the womb, and its use can lead to profound healing and transformation for both the individual and the collective.

mugwort womb mythology

Journey With the Crone

The crone is a symbol of wisdom and experience. She represents the final stage of womanhood, where she has gained knowledge and insight from a lifetime of experiences.

Mugwort, a sacred herb, is often associated with the crone due to its ability to enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

Listen to this 5 minute meditation to meet the Mugwort Crone

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