Herbal Womb Healing

Ancient Herbal Womb Remedies

Bring your womb back into balance with this Earth centred ritual designed to raise your vibration through plant medicines. All plant medicines used are tailored to your body and intention, many of which hand grown and alchemised. 

Great for:

Herbal Womb Healing

90 minutes  | £95

Root your Womb back into the Womb of Earth and take a journey into plant medicines hand-selected for your healing. 

This ritual includes herbal infused tea, a sacred Yoni Steam Ceremony, a Deep Hot Herbal Compress womb massage with infused herbal aromatherapy oils and a cooling herbal clay pack. 

Also available as part of the Wild Womb Packages.

When to book

Book during the Follicular or Luteal phase of your cycle. 

Not bleeding? Be led by when your body is vibrant and experiences the least tenderness.