Holistic Therapies

Organic Healing & Massage in Cornwall

At Wild Samsara a massage is more than just a way to ease muscle tension.
My holistic therapies are all designed to give you moments of peace and self reflection. 


Each treatment uses Organic oils, free Aromatherapy, Crystal & Hot Towel upgrades. 

Sacred Self-care Massage

75 minutes | £50      

Combining relaxing massage techniques, breathwork, energy healing & pure blended oils tailored to your cycle.

  • Gentle, soothing and emotionally releasing massage
  • Tailored to your body and intentions
  • FREE aromatherapy hot herbal towels & crystal healing upgrade

This massage is for those who want to relax, switch off and breathe away stress.

Herbal High Massage

75 minutes | £60

Ease pain, tension and postural imbalance with this deep restorative massage which channels the healing power of plants.

Using warm spice & Herb packed compresses to release, rejuvenate and connect you to your wild nature. 

  • Deep relaxation massage using warm herb & spice compresses,
  • CBD Organic oil blend
  • FREE optional aromatherapy hot herbal towels & crystal healing upgrade
hot poultice massage in cornwall

Indian Head Massage

45 minutes | £45

Inspired by extensive travel across the Indian continent, this seated message is perfect for worked deeper into the head, neck and shoulders.  

Blow off the cobwebs and wake up your senses with this invigorating – yet relaxing – treatment. Includes:

  • Seated Indian Head Massage
  • Warm sesame & Frankincense oil
  • Guided meditation

Elemental Reiki Healing

60 minutes | £40
Includes free sound & crystal add ons

This beautiful Japanese practice has been celebrated across the world for its powerful ability to slow the mind and body down, promote self healing and create a positive approach to harnessing the body’s natural energy.

Reiki is a powerful hands on treatment that works by connecting to the universal life force which surrounds us all, to clear negative energy and dis-ease; bringing you back into harmony.

Tuning Forks & Sound Healing

** With Melissa from Kernow Serenity**

Prices from £40

The magical Melissa from Kernow Serenity has joined the Wild Sanctuary to offer her amazing sound healing rituals – combining Reiki, Tuning Forks to create a truly balancing ritual.

Choose from Divine Feminine, Goddess, Gaia or Comforting for the full experience! 

Couples Reiki & Sound

60 minutes | £80

Includes side by side Tea, Reiki, & Sound Healing

Whether friend, family or lover, take a healing journey together through sound and vibration. 

Join Reiki Masters and healers Trudi from Wild Samsara and Melissa from Kernow Serenity for this special side by side treatment. 

This 1hour session includes herbal tea, intention setting, and side by side Reiki and tuning forks healing. 

side by side reiki in cornwall

Ceremonial Cacao Coaching

** With Nicola Melly**

90 minutes | £65

Harnesses the potent heart healing energy of Ceremonial Cacao along with Reiki, tuning forks, crystals bowls and shamanic drumming that will leave you deeply relaxed and connected to yourself. 

Let the magical chemicals in Cacao work together to put you in the perfect body relaxed mind awake state for meditating and journeying.

We open up a safe space for you to speak your truth and explore your emotional landscape to identify potential energy blockages. 


  • Intention setting setting
  • Ceremonial grade cacao
  • Spiritual coaching
    Guided by breath and meditation to meet the spirit of cacao
  • Reiki healing
  • Sound healing

    *Please note that ceremonial grade cacao may not be suitable if you are taking heart medication or SSRI Antidepressants. Please consult your doctor before booking.
Cacco ceremony cornwall

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