Womb Reiki Practitioners

Womb Reiki Directory

Find a Womb Reiki practitioner near you and receive this powerful, transformative healing from a qualified practitioner. Each of these practitioners has studied with Wild Samsara and are qualified Womb Reiki practitioners. 

Julie Green Wellness Empowered

Standish, Wigan 

“Take back control and live the life you truly deserve.

I offer a range of complementary therapies including womb reiki, tuning fork therapy, crystal healing, reflexology, and much more. Supporting you to heal and rebalance your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.”





Lexi Dells
Waves of Wellness

Newquay, Cornwall 

Trauma Release & Manifestation’
Online or Face to Face. Fully Qualified Trauma Release Practitioner, Kinesiologist & Teacher. The freeze response of the Vagus Nerve is held in the womb area and the manifestation dream body. I have a range of tools to bring harmony & balance to this area. Specialise in helping women feel safe to be seen, necessary for manifestation.


Sarah Morgan-Giles Ytene Healing

Lyndhurst, New Forest, Hampshire

I offer Trauma-Attuned Womb Healing and Rebalancing using a combination of therapies including Womb Reiki, Crystal Therapy for the Womb, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Experiencing. Holding safe, professional space and facilitating bespoke sessions, online or in-person, I help women regain or improve their relationship with their womb and balance their nervous systems.


Laura Clarke, L Aura

Staffordshire, West Midlands 

Laura offers Shamanic inspired Reiki from her garden ‘den’ at home in Staffordshire. Extended, sessions are also available. Laura is also now delving into Womb Reiki, offering sessions specifically for women’s wellbeing. Tarot readings available too, the den is a magical place!





Carol Baxter
Pink Moon Holistic Therapy 

Southport, Merseyside

I offer Reiki, Womb Reiki, Reiki Massage. I hold space for you to relax, heal and re-discover your authentic self. My treatments are person-centred, bespoke and sensitive. My experience includes supporting survivors of sexual abuse, mental health, neurodiversity, brain injury and a Childline Counsellor.

Tammy Scale-French Bloomingful Births, Beauty and Wellness

Walsall, West Midlands.

Working for over 18 years in women’s health, especially around fertility and pregnancy, Tammy is passionate about healing in a holistic way, weaving in all modalities especially energy healing. She trained as a reiki practitioner around 5 years ago and has recently expanded into reiki for birth and also womb reiki, offering a full spectrum journey into her healing practice.

Ally Halpin, Our Natural Path


I’ve built my practice around natural healing, alternative techniques and spiritual healing. Very early in my 20’s, I started my path with Reiki, Shamanism and herbalism for myself, health and my spiritual practices. I hold session for Shamanic Womb Reiki Healing, where we dive into the depths of the cosmic cauldron and retrieve the magick that we once knew. I’m here to guide people back to the land, reconnect to divine, for women to reclaim themselves and bring balance & harmony to all animals.


Johanna Williams, Beauty Joy Reinvent

Haywards Heath, West Sussex

I offer a variety of transformative healing modalities, including Usui / Angelic / Womb Reiki, Pellowah and Sound Healing. These practices tap into the universal life force energy to bring about profound healing and spiritual growth. 

I also specialise in Sacred Womb Awakening, a session encompasses meditation and Womb Reiki, acknowledging the deep connection between a woman’s womb and her emotional and spiritual wellness.