Elemental Rituals

Elemental Healing Rituals

In need of emotional, spiritual and physical healing?
Choose one of my 5 Rituals channeling the magical benefits of the elements

EARTH: Grounding Ritual

75 minutes | £55

Perfect for: finding roots, grounding, calming, reconnection, de-stressing.

Reclaim your connection to the Earth and feel rooted, relaxed and held. A beautiful way to mark new beginnings, transition through big changes, and reconnect to nature. This grounding ritual includes: 

  • Indian head Massage
  • Warm Sesame & Frankincense oil
  • Freshly brewed seasonal homegrown/foraged Tea
  • Earth Spirit energy healing
  • Shamanic drum, & sacred smoke cleanse

AIR: Awakening Ritual

90 minutes | £70

Perfect for: reviving energy, detoxing, reawakening, uplifting, skin brightening

Emerge from hibernation, illness or simply shake up your energy with this enlivening ritual. Get the full caboodle from head to toe and leave feeling revived, awakened and energised. Includes:

  • Herbal High warm compress massage
  • Eucalyptus warm towel facial steam
  • Air Elemental Reiki Energy Healing
  • Koshi Chime & Sacred Smoke Cleanse

WATER: Balancing Ritual

90 minutes | £65

Perfect for: balancing hormones, reducing bloat, connecting to feminine energy.

Re-balance your mind, body and hormones! This soft, nurturing ritual offers you the perfect balance between Organic spa pampering, with deep emotional and physical healing. Be loving held from head to toe, including a taster of my signature Ampuku abdomen therapy; perfect for creating internal balance. 

  • Goddess herbal foot soak
  • Balancing Aromatherapy Sacred Self-Care Massage
  • Crystal & energy womb healing
  • Freshly brewed seasonal homegrown/foraged Tea

SPIRIT: Transcending Ritual

90 minutes | £70

Go beyond your current reality and release yourself from stagnant energy with this transformative ritual. Combining physical, emotional and spiritual techniques to create shifts in your being ready for new, high vibrations to flood in. 

Lay back on my heated couch for 90 mins to include:

  • Oracle Card reading
  • Freshly brewed seasonal homegrown/foraged Tea
  • Goddess herbal foot soak
  • Shamanic drum, sacred smoke & Crystal Reiki healing
  • Sacred Self-Care back, neck and head massage with hot aromatherapy oils

FIRE: Womb Healing Journey

2 hrs | £95

Perfect for: healing past wounds, releasing trauma, reawakening sexual energy, re-connecting to your womb & soothing gynaecological problems

Take a journey of healing and re-connection in this powerful, nurturing ritual combining meditation, massage, meditative journeying, sound healing and plant medicine. Each session begins with a consultation and is tailored specifically for your intentions. Includes:

  • Yoni steam & meditation
  • Sacral releasing, sacred smoke & shamanic drumming
  • Womb massage & cosmic journey
  • Soothing womb clay pack
  • Freshly brewed seasonal homegrown/foraged Tea
  • Goddess herbal foot soak & private journaling time


Please note: I recommend allowing 1-2hrs post session to relax and reflect as these sessions can be transformative and confronting.