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Trudi Holden

Blessings, I’m Trudi, a Natural Health therapist supporting women to connect to natures magical cycles. 

I founded Wild Samsara to support women at all stages of their life, and monthly, cycle to feel a deeper connect with their own wild nature. 

As cyclical women in an ever demanding world, it can often be hard to carve out time to stand barefoot on the Earth, connect with nature and give ourselves permission to receive. 

My offerings combine many advanced forms of massage, shamanic journeys, energy work, herbalism, aromatherapy and spiritual coaching rooted in many years experiencing on witnessing women in their awakening. 

I offer Organic healing, rituals and Reiki training online and in Cornwall, UK. 



Wild Philosophy

At its heart, Wild Samsara is about empowering women to embrace our bodies in their natural form, and providing them with regular self-care moments which evoke self-healing.

The philosophy behind my treatments goes beyond the body. With a deeper awareness of natural cycles – be that the moon, the seasons and our inner cycles I have found we can learn more about, and ultimately heal, ourselves by getting back in step with nature.

I try to do this by tailoring all treatments not just for you, but also your environment: be that day 1 of your cycle, in the middle of Winter on a full moon, or day 28 of your cycle, during a hot summers day while the moon is waning. This time is yours to reflect, reconnect and listen to your body. 

Universal Truths

  • We ARE nature. We are part of the divine interwoven web of creative energy that makes up the whole of the universe.


  • Our bodies, and especially our womb space, are physical manifestations of the cosmic dimensions.


  • The closer we connect to plants, animals and universal energy (reiki) the easier new portals of consciousness open for us. We can see truths, manifest realities and release stagnant energy which prevent us from healing


  • The path of Reiki is stepping into the truth that our bodies are NOT separate from the cosmic energy which surrounds us. We ARE Reiki


  • Embodied womb healing supports a grounding, or rooting, back into the womb space where you can reconnect to your body, your soul and to Mother Earth


  • Plant medicines and earth spirits are present in all the work I do


  • Expression, movement and interconnectedness will guide you back to the divine feminine


  • Live more in-tune with the inner and earth seasons. Embrace the mirrors of the energies and take inspiration from the earth


  • When we resonate at our personal frequency, we attract high frequency manifestations aligned to our true path