Womb Priestess, Ceremonialist & Healer

Welcome home to the wild cycles of your being.

Womb blessings, I’m Trudi, a Womb Witch, Priestess & Womb Reiki Master, supporting women to connect to nature’s magical cycles. 

I founded Wild Samsara to support women at all stages of their life, and monthly, cycle to feel a deeper connection with their own wild nature. 

I offer Womb Healing, Ceremonies and Training to witness women returning to their wild nature. I am available for in-person circles, ceremonies, healing & online consultations.

Shamanic Womb Healing


Return to the womb temple to reclaim your pleasure, freedom and creativity.  

Working with deep connection to the cycles of the moon, sun and stars my 1-1 womb healing weave the ancient wisdom of the blood mystery teachings of the lineage of the Womb Priestesses. 

As a herbalist, Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist and light worker all my womb healing in Cornwall works to not only reconnect your physical and energy bodies, but back to the Earth womb consciousness. 

I follow the shamanic way of the womb to witness you as you reclaim sovereignty of your powerful womb space.  

Expand your mind - Reiki Training in Cornwall

Join our community of Reiki students and explore the deeply transformative world of Reiki! My Reiki training courses are renowned for their expansive curriculum and integrated approach to learning energy healing techniques.