Wild Samsara

Reconnect To The Wild Womb-an

It's time to return back into the wild.

Welcome to Wild Samsara. A place to connect back to yourself, & to the divine feminine power that exists within our natural surroundings. A place where you are not only in tune with the cycles of nature, but feel the inner power you hold as a cyclical woman. 

Wild Samsara is about opening the portal to our bodies, & taking meaningful moments to evoke physical, emotional & spiritual healing. All my therapies, Women’s Circles & Healing training programs aim to empower you to take a holistic approach to your wellbeing. 

My Story

Welcome sister, I’m Trudi, a Womb Witch, Priestess & Womb Reiki Master, supporting women to connect to nature’s magical cycles. 

I founded Wild Samsara to support women at all stages of their life, and monthly, cycle to feel a deeper connection with their own wild nature. 

I offer holistic therapies, ceremonies and training to witness women returning to their wild nature. 

I am available for in-person circles, ceremonies, healing & online consultations.

Online Consultations
Women's Circles

Expand your mind - Reiki Training in Cornwall

Join our community of Reiki students and explore the deeply transformative world of Reiki! My Reiki training courses are renowned for their expansive curriculum and integrated approach to learning energy healing techniques. 

Reiki Level 1 Training

Learn the basics of energy healing in this Comprehensive Reiki 1 Course. 

Reiki Level 2 Training

Train to be a Reiki Practitioner and explore the sacred Reiki symbols. 

Reiki Master Training

Commit to become Reiki in this 1-1 Reiki Master Training Course.